New Features and Release Notes


All updates are cumulative of all prior updates. Updates are distributed as zip files. Follow these directions to apply the update:

  1. Shut down any Flux engine and Operations Console instances that are running.
  2. Download and extract the new Flux version to your system. Download the .zip version of the release from
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a temporary directory.
  4. Delete the flux directory inside the <flux home>/webapp/ directory.
  5. Copy the flux.jar and flux.war files from the new release over your existing ones (i.e., <flux home>/flux.jar and <flux home>/webapp/flux.war).
  6. Copy the lib directory from the temporary directory into <flux home>/lib/ directory>
  7. [If this is not an evaluation version of Flux] Ensure your Flux license key file is in the <flux home> directory and run the configure script located there to install the key.
  8. Restart your engine(s) and web application(s).

After installing Flux, you can optionally enable the real-time Flux Log File Viewer by adding the following entries to the file located in the <user home>/.flux/ and restarting the Flux operations console webapp.


That's it! Your new Flux version is now installed and ready to run.

Flux 8.0.15 (05 August 2022)

Bug Fixes: 
  • Fixed: Flow Chart Action continued to the next action when its child workflow entered the FAILED state, as though the child workflow completed. Now, in accordance with its Javadoc documentation, Flow Chart Action correctly blocks until the child workflow completes.  By "completes", that means the workflow runs to completion and is no longer on the engine. (This assumes the Flow Chart Action is running synchronously.)
  • Fixed: Flow Chart Action Asynchronous behavior defaulted to true, which was not in accordance with the Javadoc documentation for Flow Chart Action. Flow Chart Action's default Asynchronous behavior meant this workflow action did not wait for the newly spun off workflow to finish running before this workflow action completes. Flow Chart Action Asynchronous behavior now defaults to false (in accordance with the docs), which means this workflow action waits for the newly spun off workflow to finish running before this workflow action completes.  
Flux 8.0.15 is a "drop-in" replacement for Flux 8.0.14, meaning the upgrade process is as simple as replacing your current flux.jar file.

Before upgrading, ensure your workflows do not rely on the previous incorrect behavior.

Flux 8.0.14 (21 October 2021)

The purpose of this Flux release is to compile the bug fixes and changes from the previous 8.0.13 builds into a formal maintenance release. This release can be used as a “drop-in” replacement for previous versions of Flux 8.0.13, meaning the upgrade process is as simple as replacing your current flux.jar file.

Following this release, our plan is to start phasing out the build numbers until there is just one release of each version of Flux. This change will make the process of choosing a Flux version more streamlined and will make receiving support more straightforward. We have also decided to phase out the .exe versions of Flux.

Flux 8.0.13-2675

FLX-7 BUG Regex pattern recognition for Agent Registering has been rewritten.
FLUX-3151 BUG Workflow Variables not getting substituted properly now fixed.
FLUX-3146 BUG/IMPROVEMENT REST Post can now accept Query Params and Body Parts rather than just one or the other.

Flux 8.0.13-2667




BUG/IMPROVEMENT Transaction break finding has been improved.
FLUX-3152 IMPROVEMENT Auto Regex added to Repository searches when non is detected providing better search functionality.
FLUX-3145 BUG Bug with Polling Delay of 0 fixed.

Flux 8.0.13-2652 (October 14th, 2020)

FLUX-3017 BUG Better detection of Transaction breaks on Agents
FLUX-3141 BUG Triggers within a loop not timing out on Agents is now fixed. 
FLUX-3140 BUG Bug where some Agent work was being skipped fixed.
FLUX-3139 BUG Bug where Provision Forms not being found in workflows where the PROVISIONFORM was located at index 0 in the JSON now fixed
FLUX-3136 BUG Fixed bug where LDAP was throwing a nullpointer when trying to access runtime configuration.

Flux 8.0.13-2634 (September 8, 2020)

FLUX-3048 IMPROVEMENT Better detection of looping Timer Trigger to more accurately generate forecast data.

Flux 8.0.13-2632 (August 21, 2020)

FLUX-3129 BUG Show Repository Tab Role Permission fixed and is now saving and working correctly.
FLUX-3131 IMPROVEMENT Flux will better output which file it is using to look for engines (Useful for multiple instances on the same machine).
FLUX-3128 IMPROVEMENT  -1 Minimum Count Logic will now be available in File Move and File Copy Actions rather than just File Exists Actions.

Flux 8.0.13-2624 (July 24, 2020)

FLUX-3077 BUG Corrected bouncy castle jar versions to ensure better compatibility when using SFTP, FTP, FTPS and UNC connections.
FLUX-3118 BUG Cockpit will no longer allow directory listings to be displayed such as localhost:7186/css
FLUX-3117 BUG Corrected issue where Editing / Saving Roles was not properly saving the repository submit permission.

Flux 8.0.13-2618 (June 19, 2020)

FLUX-3113 BUG Corrected issue where Database query parameters not saving properly if there are multiple instances of parameters.
FLUX-3112 BUG Corrected issue where REST Action variables not saving properly if there are multiple instances of variables such as XML namespaces or body parts.
FLUX-3110 BUG Added logging to report selecting a renamer and leaving the pattern blank, which causes a null pointer.
FLUX-3107 BUG Corrected issue where Mail Action Attachment URLs not saving properly causing all but 1 to be deleted on save.
FLUX-3106 IMPROVEMENT Added Gantt chart graphic for displaying flowcharts that will run in the next 24 hours. This improvement subject to change in the future.
FLUX-3077 IMPROVEMENT JCIFS library upgraded to latest stable release.
FLUX-3105 BUG Corrected issue where forecast threw a nullpointer when attempting to forecast workflows that used a Scheduled Trigger Date and no Time Expression.
FLUX-3104 BUG Corrected issue where substitution functions for variables were not properly executing.
FLUX-3103 BUG Corrected issue where renaming actions within the Designer were sometimes not being properly saved and caused an invalid action name error.
FLUX-2777 BUG Corrected issue where Flowchart actions caused workflows to get stuck on FIRING and stopping flow until FAIL_OVER_TIME window was reached restarting the workflows. 
FLUX-3101 BUG Dashboard filters will now stay open through tab navigation.
FLUX-3098 IMPROVEMENT Ensured database operations throughout Flux are closed once work is done.
FLUX-3095 BUG Corrected issue where Republish on the Dashboard is no longer mistakenly calling restart.
FLUX-3094 IMPROVEMENT Added Gantt chart graphic for displaying flowcharts that have run in the past 24 hours. This improvement subject to change in the future.
FLUX-3089 BUG Corrected issue with with using runtime substitution within the parameters of an audit trail trigger. The runtime substitution was never taking place, and the trigger would not fire.

Flux 8.0.13-2582 (May 5, 2020)

FLUX-3091 BUG Error message caused by attempting to retrieve runtime config before login, fixed.
FLUX-3090 BUG Workflows dealing with business calendars will no longer cause errors when no calendars exist.
FLUX-3086 IMPROVEMENT Provision forms will now take specified type format into consideration when parsing the value provided (e.g. "format":"string") useful in circumstances where you want to treat a numeric field as a string.
FLUX-3085 BUG Corrected issue where Action child icons (e.g. End of Run icon) are selectable bringing up an empty action window. These are no longer selectable.
FLUX-3084 BUG Corrected issue where End Dates and Scheduled Trigger dates in Timer Triggers in cockpit were being deleted on save and load from Repository.
FLUX-3082 IMPROVEMENT Added support for Groovy within Cockpit scripts.
FLUX-3081 IMPROVEMENT Reformatted Collections in AuditDetails dialog.
FLUX-3080 IMPROVEMENT Removed org.imgscalr jar file from build for 2-D rendering. No longer used.
FLUX-3079 BUG Corrected issue where File Copy Action was not detecting "Permission denied exceptions".
FLUX-3070 BUG Backed out fix for audit trail substitution from prior build 2569. Was causing issues with Audit Trail Triggers.
FLUX-3041 BUG Corrected issues with interrupting processes on Agents.

Flux 8.0.13-2569 (April 20, 2020)

FLUX-3077 IMPROVEMENT Upgraded the JCIFS library for support for Samba 2.0 - which is required on Windows servers for UNC file actions.
FLUX-3076 BUG Corrected issue in SFTP Actions where lack of a private key filename was causing a null pointer exception.
FLUX-3075 BUG Corrected an issue with restarting workflows from the Dashboard. If the REST service to restart the workflow failed, the Dashboard would just show a spinner forever. 
FLUX-3074 BUG Correct issue with properly formatting File Trigger results when displayed in the audit trail. Was previously on printing the trigger result's name, and not the trigger result's contents.
FLUX-3073 IMPROVEMENT Added a text searchbox to the Flux script editor. Press CTRL-F while editing a script to access the searchbox. 
FLUX-3072 IMPROVEMENT Added a business calendar for the New York Stock Exchange as a pre-defined business calendar.
FLUX-3071 IMPROVEMENT Convert FFC files to JSON on the Flux server instead of in the browser when selecting workflows for editing from the repository. This reduces workflow rendering time between 15 - 50% and is especially noticeable with very large workflow FFC files.
FLUX-3070 BUG Correct issue where audit trail trigger was not substituting its variables before being written to the AUDIT_TRL_TGR database.
FLUX-3068 IMPROVEMENT Remove unused jar file from the build
FLUX-3017 BUG Correct issue with properly recovering transaction breaks when using agents. 

Flux 8.0.13-2539 (April 3, 2020)



Configured Flux to not persist synthetic fields that were being injected in Flux by test coverage tools.  This was causing large logs (over 200 MB) to be generated during a customer's TeamCity test coverage execution. This issue would only impact those customers embedding Flux into their own applications and running those applications with test coverage tools.


Corrected issue where URLs submitted in provision forms (e.g., email addresses) were not being properly decoded and causing the workflow to fail.

Flux 8.0.13-2537 (March 31, 2020)



Externalized the SSH keep alive interval and count into JVM system properties. Requires that the following parameters be added into the JVM startup.

  • The keep-alive-interval defined in seconds. The default is 0.
  • The max number of keep-alives that should be unanswered before killing the connection. The default is 5.

You will have to add these parameters to the or setenv.bat file where the JAVA_OPTS are.

Due to this change, any workflows already on an engine will fail the next time the SSH Command Action in the workflow is run. Simply republish or resubmit these workflows.



Replaced the SIGAR (System Information Gatherer and Reporter) library with a OSHI (Operating System and Hardware Interface). The SIGAR library was failing in a number of Open JDK implementations.

After installing this build, make sure to remove the following files from <FLUX_HOME>/lib

  • libsigar.*
  • sigar.*
FLUX-3058 IMPROVEMENT Added tooltip to workflows in PAUSED state on the Dashboard to display how long a workflow has been paused.
FLUX-3056 IMPROVEMENT Upgraded the crypto libraries within Flux.
FLUX-3055 IMPROVEMENT Now mark start of run and end of run actions in Cockpit's Designer with an open circle and an open circle with a dot in the center respectively.

Flux 8.0.13-2512 (March 19, 2020)

FLUX-3054 BUG Corrected issue with Flux scripts where a "//" present in the script (e.g., using "https://" in a script)  caused the entire line of the script to be falsely identified as a comment.
FLUX-3053 BUG Corrected issue where signing in as "admin" on a Flux engine using LDAP was not correctly authenticating. Also resolved instances of "Failed to fetch and parse" error on System tab if password changed while user is still online.
FLUX-3052 BUG Corrected issue with the Designer regarding predefined REST sources. When a predefined REST source was selected no other action values would be saved.
FLUX-3051 IMPROVEMENT Added a tooltip on the Dashboard's calculated progress to describe this field and how to reset it.
FLUX-3050 BUG Added in the reports URLs for displaying reports within Cockpit into the installation-provided runtime configuration file.
FLUX-3049 IMPROVEMENT Long messages in the Cockpit Logs tab present the message as a collapsible text box and a tooltip. This improves the viewing of the Logs tab when large error or informational messages are present.
FLUX-3045 IMPROVEMENT Make actions that contain runtime variables display with a "{}" indicator on the Designer canvas. This makes visually clearer those actions that contain runtime variables.

Flux 8.0.13-2499 (March 9, 2020)

FLUX-3048 BUG Corrected issue where forecasting a timer trigger always assumed the trigger was a recurring trigger. Now sets the timer trigger to a count of 1 is there are no incoming flows into the timer trigger. In this case will trigger will only show a forecast of 1 firing. 
FLUX-3043 IMPROVEMENT Long messages in the Dashboard present the message as a collapsible text box and a tooltip. This improves the viewing of the Dashboard when large error or informational messages are present.
FLUX-3042 BUG Corrected issue where entering an invalid namespace into dashboard or repository search bar (e.g., *.txt - where the period is invalid in a namespace) just shows a spinner and does not return any errors. Now mentions that the namespace entered is invalid.
FLUX-3041 BUG Corrected issue where interrupting a process action was not forcing a process action and its flowchart into a failed state. See here for additional details.
FLUX-3038 IMPROVEMENT Made the buffer size for SFTP and FTP transfers configurable in the runtime configuration. The default is 4 buffers at 32K each. Increasing the buffer size to 128K and the number of buffers to 32 provided a 4x increase in transfer speed on our test servers. Your results may differ.
FLUX-3037 IMPROVEMENT Improved the readability for audit trail entries for file actions.
FLUX-3029 IMPROVEMENT Added support for setting the time expression of a timer trigger via a workflow variable or the flow context.
FLUX-3004 IMPROVEMENT Added support for Amazon S3.
FLUX-2899 IMPROVEMENT Added a label action to allow the placement of descriptive comments or labels onto a workflow.
FLUX-2812 BUG Corrected issue where audit trail was not being displayed for Derby database installs and evaluation installs using the embedded Derby database.

Flux 8.0.13-2462 (January 27, 2020)

FLUX-3029 IMPROVEMENT Added support for setting the time expression of a timer trigger via a workflow variable or the flow context.
FLUX-3028 IMPROVEMENT Now pressing Enter when changing the name of an action or trigger will save the new name and exit out of editing.

Flux 8.0.13-2459 (January 23, 2020)

FLUX-3025 IMPROVEMENT Clicking the text 'Engine Summary' (i.e., it's a hidden button) on the Dashboard does a quick refresh of the counts of workflows on the engine without forcing a complete page refresh. Useful to quickly review workflow states.
FLUX-3024 IMPROVEMENT Visually distinguish between restarting and republishing a workflow on the engine on Cockpit.
FLUX-3023 BUG Waiting for Agent and Waiting for Agent To Finish counts will now filter into WAITING and FIRING counts. 
FLUX-3022 BUG Corrected issue where cancelling a submit workflow set with the flow already on the engine alert dialog produced an inaccurate alert dialog saying the flows were submitted even though they weren't.
FLUX-3021 BUG Corrected issue where History tab was displaying the wrong Ended date.
FLUX-3020 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to toggle an action's  transaction break on and off from context menu and shortcut key (CTRL+L).  Also fixed issue where toggling start actions was not working on workflow after loading from repo.
FLUX-3019 BUG Corrected issue with splitting of the authorization header causing passwords containing colons (i.e., ':') not to authenticate.
FLUX-3018 IMPROVEMENT Underline actions that have transaction break enabled and dim action names on agents.
FLUX-3014 IMPROVEMENT Reduce volume of data passed to Cockpit with repository views. This speeds up the rendering of the repository tab.
FLUX-3013 BUG Correct issue where the result of a PGP Decrypt was returning a map of decrypted filenames where the source file name was incorrectly the same as the target filename.

Support setting pagesize for Cockpit pages. Defaults to 100. Settable within fluxConfig.js.

var repositoryPageSize = 100;
var dashboardPageSize = 100;
var auditTrailPageSize = 100;
var logPageSize = 100;
var forecastPageSize = 100;
var runHistoryPageSize = 100;
FLUX-3010 BUG Corrected issue where REST actions were not URL encoding their query params.
FLUX-3006 BUG Corrected rendering of date within Firefox for Calendars and PGP key dates
FLUX-3002 BUG Correct issue with editing saved timer trigger dates (e.g., scheduled trigger date, end date).
FLUX-3001 BUG Corrected issue when copying a flowchart action fully populated was not copying correctly. When pasted it would cause the Designer to think it was in preview mode.
FLUX-2996 BUG Corrected issue where /n character in Action Name caused a hidden error and was not accepted. 
 FLUX-2979 BUG Corrected instance where copy/paste not working for the Paste Here selection.

Flux 8.0.13-2443 (November 19, 2019)

FLUX-2999 BUG Corrected issue with saving runtime configuration variables that contained backslashes, as in Windows file paths. 
FLUX-2997 BUG Added mitigation for an agent getting a "must be logged in" error when fetching a configuration from the engine.
FLUX-2996 BUG Added ability to define where to load a log4j configuration file via the JVM command line. Specify -DLOGGING_CONFIG_FILE=<log4j properties file path>

Flux 8.0.13-2435 (November 11, 2019)

FLUX-2991 BUG Corrected the Federal Reserve holiday calendar for incorrectly flagging holidays that occur on Saturdays as being celebrated on the preceding Fridays. This does not impact the Federal holidays, only those holidays specific to the Federal Reserve offices. 
FLUX-2987 BUG Corrected error on agents causing a "Clearing file transfer info from cache failed flux.EngineException: Failed to process response from the server."
FLUX-2987 BUG Corrected issue where where Private Key Filename in the SFTP dialog was displaying as URL encoded after save to repository.
FLUX-2985 BUG Corrected issue where Flow Chart Actions on Sql Server never completed if KEEP_WORKFLOWS_ON_ENGINE=true. A method override in SqlServerStore was not detecting the COMPLETED state.
FLUX-2984 BUG Make provision forms scrollable if their height exceeds the defined size of the dialog.
FLUX-2983 BUG Correct issue where getting error when accessing logs using Derby database.


BUG Corrected issues where Flowchart Action does not transfer manually defined variables or workflow variables to the new flowchart

Flux 8.0.13-2423 (October 17, 2019)

FLUX-2981 BUG Corrected instances where intermittent agent calls to the engine for the engine configuration were failing with a "not logged in" message.
FLUX-2979 BUG Corrected instances where copy/paste of workflow components not working as expected.
FLUX-2978 BUG Corrected an error encountered when upgrading Flux 7.3 workflows exported from a the Flux engine to 8.0.13 format.
FLUX-2977 BUG Corrected issue where trying to render a Json or Java view of an empty workflow caused the refresh spinner to never disappear and the user interface would display an error.
FLUX-2976 BUG Corrected issue where prescript and postscript content would break the workflow conversion to Java view.
FLUX-2975 BUG Corrected incorrect assignments of the report tab privilege.
FLUX-2974 BUG Corrected an undefined method name causing an issue in certain audit trail searches.
FLUX-2972 IMPROVEMENT Added more time interval buttons to audit, forecast, history, and log tabs to make access to selected logs easier.
FLUX-2959 IMPROVEMENT Improved the whitespace management in the Cockpit user interface.
FLUX-2967 BUG Corrected issue where formatted dates in the Cockpit tabs were displaying a 1969 date instead of an empty string.
FLUX-2966 BUG Corrected issue where a saved business interval namespace was not redisplaying back into Cockpit when the workflow is reopened from the repository.
FLUX-2965 BUG Correct issue where saving a flow to the repository was adding too many signals to Flux actions causing duplicate or unexpected firings of actions.
FLUX-2961 IMPROVEMENT Add ability to predefine time expressions and save in the runime configuration.
FLUX-2941 IMPROVEMENT Add a treeview to the dashboard and repository tabs.
FLUX-2913 REVERTED Backed out this fix as it was causing error actions to not be recognized and saved correctly. NOTE: If a failed workflow is edited from the Dashboard link, it is the user's responsibility to remove the error handler workflow manually before saving or resubmitting the workflow for execution.

Flux 8.0.13-2386 (August 27, 2019)

FLUX-2960 IMPROVEMENT Support case-insensitive search in Derby.
FLUX-2959 IMPROVEMENT Remove white space from the user interface to make it more compact.
FLUX-2954 BUG Corrected issue where calls to the iterator Java API for logs, run history, forecast, and audit trail were only returning the first 100 records.
FLUX-2957 BUG Corrected issue where an improperly defined workflow (in this case a workflow with a runtime datamap that did not have a target value defined for a variable) could not be removed from the engine.



IMPROVEMENT The Dashboard displays only the time, and not both time and date, if the submitted or created time are in the current day.
FLUX-2952 BUG Corrected issue where the time expression editor was displaying an error for time expressions that resolves to a single firing.
FLUX-2950 IMPROVEMENT Updated the glyphs used in various Cockpit tabs.
FLUX-2949 IMPROVEMENT Now report links from the Reports tab open each report in its own tab.
FLUX-2948 BUG Corrected issue where accessing the Logs tab without an internal logger being configured showed an error message and then forced the user to sign-in again.
FLUX-2947 BUG Corrected issue where importing a single workflow into an empty repository on Derby was not showing the workflow in the repository tab.
FLUX-2946 BUG Corrected issue where a repository search returned a 404 if running the Operations Console with a context path (e.g., /flux).
FLUX-2943 IMPROVEMENT Updated license key information for new Flux addresses. Flux now headquartered in Boulder CO. 
FLUX-2922 IMPROVEMENT Improved the debug logging when connecting to LDAP.
FUX-2940 BUG Corrected issue where restarting multiple workflows was triggering a confirmation dialog for each workflow. Now when restarting multiple workflows no confirmation is requested. Restarting a single workflow does solicit a confirmation.

Flux 8.0.13-2367 (July 8, 2019)


Extend the behavior of minimum count processing for file include patterns.

  1. If one or more include patterns include a minimum count >=1, all such patterns must be satisfied to continue

  2. If one or more include patterns include a minimum count =0, that pattern is optional and will return any files found, and if not files are found it will return an empty result. This pattern can be used to make the routing of processing dependent upon the presence or absence of files

  3. If two or more include patterns include a minimum count <= -1, one of files requested by these “negative patterns” must be satisfied to continue. If the action only contains a single negative pattern, it will be treated as a minimum count of 0 (see 2 above).

  4. The above can be mixed and matched in the same action.

FLUX-2937 BUG Alert user when attempting a Cockpit Repository Promote when no remote repository is defined in the file.
FLUX-2936 BUG Prevent access to clear button for logs, run history, and audit trail if the permission is not set within the role. 
FLUX-2932 IMPROVEMENT Add a new permission allowing access to the Reports tab.
FLUX-2930 IMPROVEMENT Add Reports tab to nav bar.
FLUX-2928 IMPROVEMENT Add Flux logo to Navbar and login to make more obvious what UI is being shown for users running many browser windows.
FLUX-2922 IMPROVEMENT Improved the logging of LDAP signins to make issues with LDAP more easily debugged.
FLUX-2921 IMPROVEMENT Removed extraneous calls to runtime configuration to improve signin performance.
FLUX-2920 BUG Corrected issue where provisioned workflows could not be submitted to a new namespace.
FLUX-2916 IMPROVEMENT Can now reprovision a workflow when restarting it on the Dashboard. In the past could only provision when submitting the workflow from the Repository.
FLUX-2915 IMPROVEMENT Added the ability to filter the runtime configuration properties by category
FLUX-2914 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to batch perform the Erase Run History on selected workflows in the Dashboard.
FLUX-2913 BUG Corrected issue where workflows edited from the Dashboard with an error, then saved to Repository, would break when resubmitted for execution.
FLUX-2912 BUG Corrected issue where an embedded "\" was causing a parse error in workflows.

Flux 8.0.13-2342 (May 22, 2019)

FLUX-2911 BUG Corrected issue where attempting to add a user with an empty name or password would return an HTTP error.
FLUX-2910 BUG Corrected instance where submitting a workflow from the repo with a new namespace not starting with a "/" enters a 400 error loop.
FLUX-2909 BUG Corrected instance where entering a "/" as a new namespace while submitting a workflow from the repository would clear the engine.
FLUX-2908 IMPROVEMENT Added a claim permission to allow users the ability to claim workflows. Note that any user with a Claim permission on a namespace must also be granted a "View Workflows on Dashboard" permission for the same namespace.
FLUX-2907 BUG Corrected instances where if a user is not allowed to access the forecast tab, accessing the tab would force that user to have to login again.
FLUX-2905 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to import Swagger Open API JSON files to pre-populate REST call definitions.

Flux 8.0.13-2335 (May 17, 2019)

FLUX-2906 BUG Corrected instances where the Designer would fail to render a workflow if that workflow had empty or null values in its variable manager due to the user never assigning a value. 
FLUX-2902 BUG Correct instances where if a user's LDAP user password is changed, the user cannot login to Flux until their user is removed from Flux or they update their password in Flux itself to match that in LDAP. Flux now synchs with LDAP to use the new LDAP password.
FLUX-2901 BUG Corrected instances where a user, trying to access a feature they were not granted permission to use, was entering a loop showing 'access is denied.'

Flux 8.0.13-2330 (May 9, 2019)

FLUX-2900 BUG Corrected issue where the licensed agent counts for a Flux engine were returning 0 for keys with multiple licenses.

Flux 8.0.13-2329 (May 9, 2019)

FLUX-2900 BUG Corrected issue where the licensed agent counts for a Flux engine were returning 0.
FLUX-2899 IMPROVEMENT Added the ability to place single line comments onto workflows in Cockpit.
FLUX-2898 BUG Corrected issue where workflows would stall for no apparent reason.
FLUX-2897 BUG Removed the wild card character ('*') from the list of event names in the Audit Trail Trigger. 
FLUX-2893 BUG Corrected issue where Cockpit was sending the user back to sign in when the run history tab was selected and the RUN_HISTORY_ENABLED engine configuration property was set to false.
FLUX-2892 BUG Corrected issue where exporting many workflows via Cockpit was only exporting a portion of the workflows.

Flux 8.0.13-2322 (April 29, 2019)

FLUX-2891 BUG Corrected issue where Cockpit - on signin - displaying "Unable to verify user privilege for adding an engine to operations console."
FLUX-2888 BUG Corrected issue where Dynamic EJB Session Actions were not properly rendering in the Designer.
FLUX-2876 BUG Corrected issue where file actions with no renamer were throwing a null pointer exception.
FLUX-2873 IMPROVEMENT Added viewer in the Designer to render a flowchart as Java code.
FLUX-2681 BUG Restored ability to set priority on the workflow properties.

Flux 8.0.13-2310 (March 18, 2019)

FLUX-2879 IMPROVEMENT Added facility to massage namespaces entered in save and submit dialogs into Flux-compliant namespace format. Will automatically convert back slashes to forward slashes, remove leading and trailing white space, remove trailing slashes, reformat double slashes into single slashes.
FLUX-2878 BUG Correct instances where a failed fetch of the runtime configuration in Cockpit was returning a null pointer exception instead of a bad request.
FLUX-2877 BUG Corrected issue where Oracle pagination in Cockpit, and use of Engine.get(), were not returning the correct number of workflows. Was off by 1 in Cockpit, and would only return the first 100 entries using Engine.get().
FLUX-2876 BUG Corrected issue where file renamer patterns were not properly handling spaces.
FLUX-2874 BUG Corrected parsing issue where REST Action Body Parts and HTTP Headers not rendering into Cockpit dialogs.
FLUX-2873 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to render workflow as Java code in Designer Dialog. Partially implemented at this point.
FLUX-2869 BUG Corrected an instance where the error message during login was getting truncated.
FLUX-2868 IMPROVEMENT Added a REST Action call tester to Cockpit.
FLUX-2867 IMPROVEMENT Added a Mail Action call tester to Cockpit.
FLUX-2864 IMPROVEMENT Added backend services for Mail and REST Action testers.
FLUX-2669 IMPROVEMENT Now refresh the Dashboard after issuing a reschedule in Cockpit.
FLUX-2863 BUG Corrected issues where the graphical status view of an executing workflow was reporting incorrect results.
FLUX-2861 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to view workflow as JSON in a dialog within the Designer.
FLUX-2860 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to toggle an action to be a start action by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+M on selected actions. Also added a menu item when right mouse clicking on an item to do the same.
FLUX-2859 BUG Correct issue when when using the right click menu or shortcut key in Cockpit, the 'Group' command produces an error.
FLUX-2858 BUG Corrected a Cockpit issue where certain job states (e.g., triggering) were showing a next firing date of December 31, 1969) when in fact there was no next firing date for job.
FLUX-2857 BUG Corrected a Cockpit issue where the close button for audit, logging, and forecast dialogs (clicked from the Dashboard) did not work on Firefox. Removed the close button and now allow pressing ESC to close the dialog box.
FLUX-2851 BUG Corrected issue where contextPath gets stripped from request URI's if the contextPath property in fluxConfig.js doesn't end with a forward slash. Added function to always append the correct context path onto the URI.
FLUX-2844 BUG Corrected issue where scheduled date, trigger date, end date, and expiration date not properly rendering and saving time to the workflow.
FLUX-2681 BUG Restore ability to set Priority at the Workflow Properties level in Cockpit. Was inadvertently removed when adding functionality regarding priority rescheduling.
FLUX-2465 BUG Corrected issue where sorting by description against Oracle in the Cockpit repository tab was not working.

Flux 8.0.13-2274 (February 4, 2019)

 LEGACY CONSOLE NO LONGER SUPPORTED: The legacy operation console originally developed for Flux 8 over 7 years ago is now replaced with Flux Cockpit. Issues will no longer be addressed in the legacy operations console. If you find a need for functionality that was present in the legacy console and not in Cockpit, let us know and we will look at adding it to Cockpit.

DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE REMINDER: See Build 2252 - The database schema for the FLUX_CLUSTER table has been modified. A new column named SCHEDULING has been added to improve the performance of Flux scheduling. Update scripts for each database (except Derby) are located in the docs directory. Apply the appropriate update script to your database before updating Flux.

AGENT CONFIGURATION NOTE: If using agents, make sure your file (on the Flux engine's server) HOST property matches the host name in your license key. Otherwise you will get the following message: "Your license does not allow any more agents to register." and the agent will not connect.


FLUX-2855 BUG Corrected issue where SFTP file copy does not occur when the directory address is the same on both source and target even though the copy was across different host machines.
FLUX-2854 BUG Correct issue where Cockpit System tab doesn't display all engines in the cluster and Cockpit doesn't failover to other running engines.
FLUX-2852 BUG Correct some issues with add stop, start, and shutdown Engine/Agent functionality to Cockpit was displaying a change in status before it had fully completed. Added countdown latches to wait for start/stop commands to complete in the agent before returning a response for the request.
FLUX-2793 BUG Corrected issue where paused workflows that had passed their late time window and are then restarted, were throwing a null pointer exception and failing.
FLUX-2601 BUG Corrected descriptive text on the process action stating that creating the Linux shell was sh -s. Corrected to sh -c.


Flux 8.0.13-2265 (January 29, 2019) Database Schema Change!

 The legacy operation console originally developed for Flux 8 over 7 years ago is now replaced with Flux Cockpit. Issues will no longer be addressed in the legacy operations console. If you find a need for functionality that was present in the legacy console and not in Cockpit, let us know and we will look at adding it to Cockpit.


See Build 2252 - The database schema for the FLUX_CLUSTER table has been modified. A new column named SCHEDULING has been added to improve the performance of Flux scheduling. Update scripts for each database (except Derby) are located in the docs directory. Apply the appropriate update script to your database before updating Flux.


FLUX-2852 IMPROVEMENT Added stop, start, and shutdown Engine functionality to Cockpit. Added stop and start Agent functionality to Cockpit.
FLUX-2851 BUG Corrected issue where contextPath gets stripped from request URI's if the contextPath property in fluxConfig.js doesn't end with a forward slash.
FLUX-2754 BUG Improved Cockpit performance by making Repository Namespace property of Flow Chart Actions a drop-down list of workflows in the repository. Removed prepopulating namespaces which was causing a performance issue if > 100 workflows are in the repository.
FLUX-2849 BUG Corrected an issue where Cockpit was not persisting user session on browser refresh.
FLUX-2846 BUG Corrected issue where recover button was being displayed for workflows in states other than failed. Now recover button is only visible when status == FAILED.
FLUX-2845 BUG Correct issue where PGP keys were not displaying in Cockpit if the PGP keys were in rows > 101 in the Flux Repository.
FLUX-2836 BUG Corrected an Oracle specific issue with the Chooser performance update. Had to massage processing of SCHEDULING column for Oracle since Oracle does not provide a boolean datatype for its column definitions. Now using a NUMBER set to 1 for true, 0 for false.

Flux 8.0.13-2252 (January 9, 2019)

The database schema for the FLUX_CLUSTER table has been modified. A new column named SCHEDULING has been added to improve the performance of Flux scheduling. Update scripts for each database (except Derby) are located in the docs directory. Apply the appropriate update script to your database before updating Flux. See FLUX-2836 below for specifics for databases other than Derby.

To update an existing Derby database, do the following:

  • Make sure the Flux engine is stopped before performing this update.
  • Download and extract the Derby database utility from Download the version.
  • Extract the zip file into a directory, e.g., derby. Open a command line and change into the bin directory, (e.g., cd /derby/bin).
  • From the command line, enter the command ij. This will start the interactive Derby command utility.
  • from ij> enter the command connect 'jdbc:derby:/<YourFluxInstallationDirectory>/derbydb'; This will connect to the Flux Derby database.
  • from ij> enter the command EXIT;
  • You may now start your Flux engine.


FLUX-2843 IMPROVEMENT Turned off JVM Version checking to allow support for other JDKs other than Oracle. Tested with OpenJDK 8, and 11, and Amazon OpenJDK 8.
FLUX-2841 BUG Resolved issue where runtime substitution was case sensitive. A customer saw an instance where they were varying the case of their runtime property names. Keeping all runtime property names in the same case avoids this issue.
FLUX-2841 BUG Corrected the time expression editor failing to mark as invalid time expressions with more than 11 arguments.
FLUX-2839 BUG Corrected issue where Flowchart actions became stuck in a firing state. Now Flux fires the trigger associated with finishing the child workflow in the flowchart trigger table to signal to the parent flowchart action that the workflow has finished. This issue manifests itself in flowchart actions that start workflows that themselves have flowchart actions.
FLUX-2837 BUG Fixed issue where an alert was popping up when resubmitting a workflow from the Cockpit Designer when the Flux engine had been restarted.
  • Changed over from using Flux's network cache to using the Flux cluster table for scheduling work within a Flux cluster. This change, combined with some other changes made within this issue, improved Flux scheduling performance by over 25% and reduced the CPU load by 33%. This change requires a new column be added to the FLUX_CLUSTER table named "SCHEDULING". It is a BIT column. The upgrade scripts are provided below.
  • Resolved issues with CONCURRENCY_THROTTLE_CLUSTER_WIDE where there were instances when the throttle was not being adhered to.
  • Resolved issue where once a workflow was executing, and it had multiple concurrent actions, its concurrency throttle could be exceeded.
  • Improved the Flux scheduling logging (for debugging purposes) if the system property is set on the Flux JVM: "-Ddebug.chooser=true". This property is added in the file if running Flux as a command line script, or in the engine.conf if starting Flux as a Windows service.
FLUX-2833 BUG Resolve an issue where the Cockpit UI repeatedly refreshes if a workflow's "Run As User" is not defined to Flux security.
FLUX-2796 IMPROVEMENT Relaxed the file read action's memory requirements to take up to the maximum allowed heap size - 256 meg reserved for Flux. Previously it was restricted to 1 MB in size.
FLUX-2773 BUG Corrected an issue introduced when adding support for runtime variable definition of the SSH port. Corrected issue where old ffc files using the integer format were not being properly converted to support runtime variable substitution.

Flux 8.0.13-2235 (December 7, 2018)

FLUX-2833 BUG Resolve an issue where the Cockpit UI repeatedly refreshes if a workflow's "Run As User" is not defined to Flux security.
FLUX-2832 BUG Resolved issue where prescript or postscript lines that contains /* */ style comments were being ignored.
FLUX-2830 BUG Resolved issue where verifying a postscript in the Cockpit action dialog was actually verifying the prescript. Now it correctly verifies the postscript.
FLUX-2828 BUG Correct issues with importing and upgrading FFC files with EJB actions

Flux 8.0.13-2224 (November 15, 2018)

FLUX-2826 BUG Correct instances where the UI was repeatedly displaying "Access Denied to the Feature" when running under a restricted account
FLUX-1572, 2826 BUG

Correct issues with LDAP role assignments and login.

  • Improved the LDAP authentication logging (for debugging purposes) if the system property is set on the Flux JVM: "-Dloginmodule.debug=true". This property is added in the file if running Flux as a command line script, or in the engine.conf if starting Flux as a Windows service.
  • Now, if a user's role is changed in LDAP, the next time the user signs in their new role will replace their existing role.
  • Also - no longer allow users to login if there is no role defined for them. Before Flux would assign them as Workflow Masters.
FLUX-2824 IMPROVEMENT Can now refer to files using UNC syntax and the File Transfer File Host is set to LocalHost. Before Flux could only access UNC files using the File Transfer File Host Type of UNC Host.
FLUX-2821 IMPROVEMENT All actions output their execution duration into the flowcontext for querying by downstream actions.
FLUX-2820 BUG Fixed issues with querying repository entries when using an H2 or HSQL database.
FLUX-2818 BUG Correct a hard coded reference that prevented repository queries working on Oracle if using a schema name other than FLUX_.
FLUX-2816 BUG Correct XML parsing errors for business intervals and start actions.
FLUX-2814 IMPROVEMENT Highlight actions in red that have prescripts or postscripts, and flows that have runtime datamaps, in the Designer. Also make the text areas resizable - as for parameters and database queries.
FLUX-2812 BUG Correct pagination issues with Derby database.
FLUX-2771 IMPROVEMENT Default installation configuration now has a subset of all audit trail messages enabled instead of enabling all audit trail messages by default.

Flux 8.0.13-2200 (October 3, 2018)

FLUX-2794 IMPROVEMENT Upgrade reports and Jasperstarter libraries.
FLUX-2791 BUG Add missing Action Type property to Rest Action Dialog.
FLUX-2776 IMPROVEMENT Provide support for Java 10.
FLUX-2775 IMPROVEMENT Allow SFTP ports to be configured with runtime variables.
FLUX-2773 IMPROVEMENT Allow SSH ports to be configured with runtime variables.
FLUX-2766 BUG Improve the appearance of page forward and page backward arrows by disabling them instead of removing them from the dialog.
FLUX-2764 BUG Added Signal to Monitor to action dialogs.
FLUX-2763 BUG Correct issues with viewing pages while using a secured account with permissions.
FLUX-2762 BUG Set all page containers to Cockpit to use 100% of the browser window width.
FLUX-2761 BUG Corrected issue where the last page of a paged query was showing the incorrect page number.
FLUX-2760 BUG Improved appearance of how pagination badges work in Cockpit.
FLUX-2759 IMPROVEMENT Added CPU and Memory Usage Meters to Cockpit Dashboard
FLUX-2754 IMPROVEMENT Made the repository namespace property of a Flow Chart Action a dropdown list of available workflows to choose from.
FLUX-2750 BIG Correct instance where date filters were off by an hour in certain circumstances.
FLUX-2749 BUG Corrected instance where conditional flows that use signals were not being properly saved into a workflow when the workflow was being saved.
FLUX-2748 IMPROVEMENT Allow the changing of workflow priority from Cockpit.
FLUX-2746 IMPROVEMENT Improve the performance of log, audit trail, and forecast page reads.
FLUX-2745 BUG Corrected the positioning of Cockpit log, audit, history, and forecast filter inputs. Corrected issue of outline appearing around filters when filter row selected.
FLUX-2744 BUG Corrected issues with Designer hotkey combinations.
FLUX-2743 BUG Updated copyright notices.
FLUX-2742 BUG Corrected instances where multiple loading spinners were appearing.
FLUX-2741 BUG Corrected instances where the loading spinner was not dismissing if Run History was not enabled.
FLUX-2740 IMPROVEMENT Improved performance of page rendering for Cockpit tabs.
FLUX-2739 BUG Corrected Cockpit help text within the Designer.
FLUX-2738 BUG Corrected instances where Navbar would disappear in certain instances of receiving a connection error.
FLUX-2737 BUG Corrected issue where time expression tester start date was not differentiating between AM and PM.
FLUX-2736 BUG Corrected issue where date vaariables were not getting expanded if used in runtime variables.
FLUX-2731 BUG Prevent an NPE in instances where the registered out parameter or inout parameter is null.
FLUX-2729 BUG Corrected issue where some HTML elements were appearing ahead of a login into Cockpit.
FLUX-2726 IMPROVEMENT Added engine configuration editor to Cockpit.
FLUX-2724 IMPROVEMENT Added a file transfer test dialog to Cockpit.
FLUX-2721 BUG Force an old Cockpit session to be signed out before logging in anew to avoid keeping an old session.
FLUX-2720 BUG Corrected instance where saving a workflow was not returning focus back to the designer. In these instances was getting a message that stated there was nothing to submit - when indeed there were changes to submit.
FLUX-2719 BUG Reduced the amount of time that Cockpit waits to establish a connection with the OpsConsole. Reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second.
FLUX-2718 BUG Corrected 'undefined' error when loading a Repository Engine configuration.
FLUX-2717 BUG Corrected issue with displaying the correct expedited workflow count on the Cockpit Dashboard
FLUX-2715 BUG Corrected Issue where Cockpit was not displaying repository engines in the System Tab.
FLUX-2714 IMPROVEMENT Reduce the log message from a GMS message issue to the mesage itself and not the entire stacktrace. These messages are informational only.
FLUX-2712 BUG Correct issue where Schedule Trigger date, Last Trigger Date, and End Dates were not being saved into workflows build with the Cockpit Designer.
FLUX-2711 BUG Corrected issue where warning and error alerts were rendering either too often, or at the wrong time.
FLUX-2706 BUG Corrected issue where Cockpit Dashboard now updating correctly when large sets of workflows are removed, restarted, ...
FLUX-2705 BUG Corrected issue with start of run/end of run not being calculated correctly.
FLUX-2704 IMPROVEMENT Corrected some IE rendering issues.
FLUX-2703 IMPROVEMENT Added new automatically dismissable alert dialog.
FLUX-2696 IMPROVEMENT Added expandable/collapsible log entries table to Dashboard.

Added expandable/collapsible audit trail table to Dashboard.

FLUX-2694 IMPROVEMENT Added expandable/collapsible forecast table to Dashboard.
FLUX-2693 IMPROVEMENT Improved pre/post script processing to better inform the user of the true cause of script errors resulting in an InvocationTargetException.
FLUX-2691 IMPROVEMENT Corrected issue where Cockpit could render a blank screen on login if the Flux engine is down.
FLUX-2690 IMPROVEMENT Added expandable table for run history to selected rows on the Dashboard.
FLUX-2688 IMPROVEMENT Added usages lookup for PGP keys.
FLUX-2683 IMPROVEMENT Added Operations Dashboard to show status of all actions within a workflow.
FLUX-2682 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to edit the runtime configuration file from the System Tab in Cockpit.
FLUX-2675 IMPROVEMENT Added option to automatically refresh the Cockpit Dashboard.
FLUX-2674 BUG Fixed issue where synchronous flow chart actions were not waiting for submitted workflows to complete before continuing.
FLUX-2673 BUG Clean up fluxConfig.js requirements to specify engine name, host, and ssl settings.
FLUX-2671, FLUX-2682 IMPROVEMENT Allow editing, saving, and automatic backups of the runtime configuration file through Cockpit.
FLUX-2669 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to reschedule workflows on the Cockpit Dashboard.
FLUX-2668 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to upload, download, and find usages of business calendars within Cockpit.
FLUX-2667 IMPROVEMENT Added ability to change the color scheme of the navigation bar in Cockpit to distinguish between being on production, vs, QA, vs. a development machine.
FLUX-2666 IMPROVEMENT Added PGP key upload and download to Cockpit.
FLUX-2665 BUG Corrected issue where engine.sendToAuditTrail was not populating the action name when provided.
FLUX-2662 IMPROVEMENT Improve the usability of the role and permissions editor.
FLUX-2601 IMPROVEMENT Clarified the description text for signal names in Cockpit dialogs - must be in single quotes.

Corrected issue where the CLUSTER_WIDE_CONCURRENCY_THROTTLE setting was not being honored. If this setting is required, make sure the following engine configuration settings are present

FLUX-2419 BUG Corrected issue where audit trail trigger not working when the trigger itself is one of multiple start triggers.
FLUX-2243 BUG Corrected issue where timer triggers would fire continuously if the scheduled trigger date was set to the past.
FLUX-2096 BUG Corrected issue where MailTrigger encountering an instantiation exception when processing mail attachments.

Flux 8.0.13-1953 (24 January 2018)

FLUX-2663 IMPROVEMENT Remove an unused jar file.

Flux 8.0.13-1952 (23 January 2018)

FLUX-2662 IMPROVEMENT Reimplement the Cockpit Roles Editor to be more usable.
FLUX-2661 BUG Correct the Cockpit Start of Run button name (it's not actually the start of run, but the time the workflow was submitted to the engine) and ensure Cockpit tabs display in same order for roles other than administrator

Flux 8.0.13-1950 (19 January 2018)

FLUX-2659 IMPROVEMENT Added sort button for Start of Run column in Cockpit Dashboard.
FLUX-2658 BUG Corrected issue where workflow restarts were not completing successfully, causing duplicate FLOW_CHART table entries and errors of "could not find action ID nnnnnn in workflow /workflownamespace" during workflow execution.

Mitigate SQL Deadlocks in MySql during attemptSeal causing delays in processing throughput. Note that this requires the creation of a two new database indexes - see /FLUX_HOME/doc/upgrade-8.0.13-mysql.sql. Need to add the following 2 indexes:


FLUX-2656 IMPROVEMENT Added Cockpit improvement that highlights the selected tab in the topmost navigation bar.
FLUX-2654 BUG Correct issue where Business Interval Namespaces not rendering in Timer Triggers after reloading from the Repository.
FLUX-2653 BUG Corrected issue where Cockpit Flowchart Action was not saving the flowchart filename.
FLUX-2652 BUG Corrected issue where CC Addresses were not not working when saving and submitting a mail action.
FLUX-2651 BUG Correct instance where Database Condition Triggers were throwing ClassCastException on repository save.
FLUX-2650 BUG Correct issue where - when clicking on the Cockpit Status tab - the window shifts up about 40 pixels.
FLUX-2461 BUG Corrected issue where audit trail pruning was not committing after a 25K row delete. Was only committing after all audit trail records had been selected for delete. This was causing the database transaction log to fill and hang all processing related to the audit trail (which includes workflow execution).
FLUX-2648 BUG Corrected issue where Cockpit Repository search was hanging if running opsconsole with a context path like /flux.
FLUX-2647 BUG Corrected issue where cockpit filters did not always show when the current tab has filters applied to it.

Flux 8.0.13-1941 (2 January 2018)

FLUX-2646 BUG Corrected issue where flowcharts were getting timeout business interval XML injected into them. This XML is not valid for Flux 8. This seems specific to one customer who has a set of custom actions reimplemented from a prior version of Flux.

Flux 8.0.13-1940 (15 December 2017)

FLUX-2601 BUG Correct the description text on the UI for database condition actions and process actions.
FLUX-2643 BUG Resolve issue where Database Condition actions were throwing a SAXEception: ClassNotFoundException - preventing workflows from saving to the repository or being submitted to the engine.
FLUX-2642 IMPROVEMENT Added support for setting error condition on SSH Command Actions. Setting this value allows the SSH Command Action to automatically error if the result of the SSH Command action equals the value.
FLUX-2515 BUG Resolve an issue where getting a class cast exception on file delete.
FLUX-2641 BUG Correct issue where Process Actions on agents do not honor being skippable during a workflow recover.

Flux 8.0.13-1936 (4 December 2017)

FLUX-2639 BUG Correct issue where recovering a workflow was not displaying the dialog to skip the offending action that caused the error.
FLUX-2638 IMPROVEMENT Now when saving a workflow - append readable timestamp and user name to the VCS backup file of the Flux flowchart (ffc) file.
FLUX-2637 IMPROVEMENT Allow agents to report results back to any engine in the cluster if the agent's primary engine is no longer available.
FLUX-2636 BUG Corrected instances where Cockpit End Time expression edit button was not activating the time expression tester when clicked.
FLUX-2635 BUG Added recover button to Cockpit Dashboard rows for failed workflows.
FLUX-2634 IMPROVEMENT Corrected an issue where Cockpit Time Expression Editor shows error if time expression supplied is a partial (e.g., 0 0 30 10). Now allow partial time expressions to be presented to the time expression tester for testing.
FLUX-2633 BUG Corrected issue where a File Unzip was still successfully completing even if it was processing a corrupt zip file, or a file that was not a zip file. Now fail the action in such instances.
FLUX-2471 BUG Corrected issue where runtime variables in time expressions was causing an error in the Forecast tab display.
FLUX-2515 IMPROVEMENT Added support for File Deletes onto agents.

Flux 8.0.13-1926 (6 November 2017)

FLUX-2632 IMPROVEMENT Added "/Demo/Create Business Calendars excluding weekends and Federal Holidays" to the vcs demo directory. Added some additional example workflows.
FLUX-2631 BUG Resolved an issue where the logs tab was not returning any records if no namespace filter is present.
FLUX-2630 BUG Correct issue where time expression testing was returning an error if no business calendars were loaded.
FLUX-2629 IMPROVEMENT Visually improved the Cockpit time expression tester. Reordered the entry boxes to match the formatted time expression (11 fields). Added some help text / example time expressions to help facilitate the use and format of time expressions.
FLUX-2628 IMPROVEMENT The Cockpit Dashboard now displays the engine name that the workflow is running on.
FLUX-2627 IMPROVEMENT Added support in Cockpit to optionally connect to another engine and port if the primary one is down. Cockpit will now try and connect up to 3 engines before failing with a dialog informing the user that no engines are available. The additional engines will be specified in fluxconfig.js as engineHostName1 and engineHostName2, and enginePort1 and enginePort2.
FLUX-2626 BUG Fix issue with time expression tester using hard-coded URL path
FLUX-2624 BUG Corrected instances Cockpit URL Mapping not working properly behind web servers like Octagate and Apache
FLUX-2623 IMPROVEMENT Added support to clear the search filters on the various tabs (e.g., engine, repository,...) by pressing ESC.
FLUX-2339 BUG Corrected issue where updating Start of Run/End of Run did not update _START_OF_RUN/_END_OF_RUN in the action's variable manager consistently.
FLUX-2622 IMPROVEMENT Workflows starting with or containing // or /// (i.e., multiple slashes) cause the engine execution to loop. No longer allow such names to be saved or submitted.
FLUX-2621 BUG Correct instances of null pointers being thrown when a flowChartVariable's value is null (when sending a message to the Flux audit trail).
FLUX-1520 BUG Changed the behavior of File PGP Decrypt actions so that when a file decrypt occurs using a sign and encrypt key (instead of an encrypt-only key), if the decrypt works but the signing verification fails, output the file and log a message to the audit trail instead of failing the action.

Allow namespacing the assignment of agent pools to ensure users only can process their actions on allowed pools. Allow defining runtime variables for each agent pool to show in the agent pool dialogs in the Cockpit user interface.

  • If no runtime variables are defined for agent pools, display the currently connected agents in an action's agent pool dropdown dialog.
  • If runtime variables are defined for agent pools, display the defined agent pool runtime variables in an action's agent pool dropdown dialog. If agent pool runtime variables are defined any currently connected agents will not be displayed in an action's agent pool dropdown dialog.
  • In either of the above cases, If an agent pool is already defined in an existing workflow but is not currently available, display it in an action's agent pool dropdown dialog too so prior agent pool assignments in already defined workflows are not lost.
  • Sample agent pool runtime variables would be:

    In the agent pool dropdown dialogs only the text AGENTPOOL1 and AGENTPOOL2 would display. The actual agent pools that the actions execute within would be resolved at runtime, so a job submitted into the /Developer namespace would use the runtime variable value resolved to by /Developer/AGENTPOOL_1 (which is DeveloperPool1), and jobs submitted to /Prod would use the runtime variable value resolved to by /Prod/AGENTPOOL_1 (which is ProdPool1).

FLUX-2617 IMPROVEMENT Upgraded the SIGAR (System Gather and Reporting) library.
FLUX-2616 BUG Corrected an issue where the Cockpit Role definition has replicated Engine View options - the 2nd is actually the Repository View. Renamed the option.

Corrected issue where adding a business calendar in a prescript - with LDAP enabled - was failing in a security check.

FLUX-2614 BUG Corrected instances where Cockpit is showing duplicate tabs (Designer, Dashboard, ...).
FLUX-2613 BUG Resolved issue where custom (i.e., user-defined) action variables were not being rendered in Cockpit.

Added a business calendar to support US Federal Reserve Holidays - which differ in processing on Veterans Day with the US Federal Holidays calendar.

FLUX-2611 BUG Corrected instances where the timeExpressionTester was not handling timezones correctly - causing test firings to report incorrect results.

If a file action fails to connect to a remote server, or fails to transfer a file due to a network error - retry the connect and the transfer a configurable number of times, with a configurable delay between each retry. The default is no retries with a 30 second delay. This can be configured in the runtime configuration properties files at the root level (i.e., for all remote file servers) or for specific remote file servers using their IP address or hostname. For example:


Fix issue where Cockpit was only rendering the first form (on a manual trigger) in a workflow.

FLUX-2608 IMPROVEMENT Better support workflow interrupts in actions, and terminate file transfers in the event of an interrupt. Most standard Flux actions - except Process Actions - will execute even if the flowchart is interrupted and there is no transaction break in the flow. For example, if one has a looping with no transaction breaks defined, this flow will notstop running even after an attempt to interrupt or remove. This corrects this issue.
FLUX-2607 IMPROVEMENT Add a system reporting action (SIGAR) to gather OS status. Add to both agents and engines.

Flux 8.0.13-1891  (28 August 2017)


This update corrects the existing behavior of file triggers. In past releases when a minimum count of 0 for a file include was specified, Flux instead used a minimum of 1. In these cases the trigger would exit without firing and simply wait for a file to arrive. Now - if the file minimum count is set to zero, the trigger will fire if no file is present.


FLUX-2168 IMPROVEMENT Added a new action - Database Query Collection Action - that performs an SQL Query and returns all the rows in a list. Each element in the list is a list of returned values from each column returned in the search. Unlike the Database Query Action - this action returns all the rows at once instead of returning them one at a time.
FLUX-2605 BUG Corrected instances where the Cockpit Audit Trail Event Details Dialog rows can overflow the dialog's window to the right.
FLUX-2604 BUG Corrected issue where default timezone in action dialogs was set to America/Chicago. Also added a fluxConfig.js to set the default timezone for all timezone if not using the local timezone. (EXPERIMENTAL)
FLUX-2602 BUG Corrected Cockpit issue where Active Window Namespace not being populated for File Exist Triggers.
FLUX-2601 IMPROVEMENT Added descriptions and help text to action dialogs.
FLUX-2600 BUG Fixed issue where Cockpit Designer outline view shows on tabs other than the Designer.
FLUX-2599 IMPROVEMENT Added shortcut key (CTRL+S) to Flux action dialogs and workflow details dialog. The shortcut key can be used to save the action instead of the action dialog's Save button when having to scroll down into long dialogs.
FLUX-2598 IMPROVEMENT Added additional Cockpit Audit tab buttons to facilitate navigating the audit log. Now can more easily track file, repository, engine, and action activity without having to always manually configure the audit trail filters.
FLUX-2597 BUG Corrected issue where File Modified trigger was returning files within the stable period - when they should not be returned.
FLUX-2596 BUG Corrected issue where File Exist never returns a result on its subsequent firings - if on first execution no files are present to detect.
FLUX-2595 BUG Corrects issue where Cockpit can render an action with a Get From Previous within the runtime data map for the action, but submitting the workflow fails with a missing file source error. Also - the runtime variable dialogs for an action's runtime datamap are not being properly populated.
FLUX-2594 BUG Correct Cockpit issue where performing a filtered search on a page > 1 was returning an empty page.
FLUX-2593 BUG Get from Previous not working as expected for File Copy actions with Preserve Directory Structure enabled. Files were being copied without the directory structure being preserved.
FLUX-2592 BUG Eliminate redundant LDAP calls when attempting to login using invalid credentials. This could cause accounts to be locked if only the password is invalid because multiple login attempts with the invalid password were being attempted
FLUX-2591 IMPROVEMENT Cockpit improvement to automatically reestablish browser connection/session when the Flux engine is restarted
FLUX-2589 BUG Correct issue that triggered an ORA-01795 error in Oracle environments. This could occur when deleting workflows with more than 1000 actions from the engine
FLUX-2588 IMPROVEMENT Added a new fluxConfig.js setting (i.e., testIfWorkflowOnEngine) to allow the turning off of engine detection from the Repository tab. This provides a performance improvement in the Repository tab rendering if there are hundreds of workflows present in the repository. The default is to keep engine detection active (testIfWorkflowOnEngine = 'true').
FLUX-2587 BUG Corrected the counting of workflows on the Dashboard tab

Cockpit Fix for audit trail tab throwing invalid parameter on first access from Dashboard

Flux 8.0.13-1870  (7 August 2017)

FLUX-2582 BUG File Minimum Count of 0 not being honored. If a file exists trigger has a single include with a minimum count of 0, the trigger never exited until at least one file was present in the includes directory.

The trigger now exits with an empty result set if no file is present and the minimum count is 0.

Flux 8.0.13-1868  (20 July 2017)

FLUX-2581 BUG Resolve issue where PGP Encrypt and Decrypt not working as expected when LDAP security was enabled
FLUX-2555 BUG Corrected issue where flowcharts with references to a customer's custom jar class caused the Repository tab submit to fail. Could still submit via the Designer

Flux 8.0.13-1864 (12 July 2017)

FLUX-2558 BUG Correct issue where Cockpit forecast queries were returning a null pointer exception
FLUX-2557 BUG Set the default username and password in the Cockpit login from fluxConfig.js. Previously would always default to admin/admin
FLUX-2556 BUG Added alert to report when forecast, logs, and audit trail queries' start time range >= end time range
FLUX-2571 BUG Corrected fluxConfig.js default to be localhost and not flux-rcs


Correct signout and login issue related to Firefox - getting a "Could not fetch PGP keys info" and "Could not fetch calendar info" errors on signout

Flux 8.0.13-1860 (20 June 2017)

FLUX-2419 BUG Correct instance that when an audit trail trigger is added, its last_event_pk was being set to 1 instead of the max PK (in effect, the last PK) currently in the audit trail
FLUX-2574 BUG Fix an issue with FFC runtime datamap values having a leading carriage return that was breaking the upgrade of old FFC files in Flux 8 format using Cockpit.
FLUX-2573 BUG Hide the remaining count field in the delay and timer trigger dialogs
FLUX-2572 IMPROVEMENT Disable the Cockpit refresh buttons when an operation is underway
FLUX-2571 DOC Make the setting of https within the fluxConfig.js clearer in the comments
FLUX-2590 IMPROVEMENT Added the Flux Version/Build to the System Tab in Cockpit

Corrected issue where agent names instead of agent pool names were displayed in action dialogs

FLUX-2565 BUG Reopened this issue and added further improvements to address login situations

Flux 8.0.13-1848 (9 May 2017)

FLUX-2565 BUG Correct instances where Cockpit login was not gracefully addressing all login situations
FLUX-2563 BUG Fix issue with saving Mail Actions containing extra headers or body properties
FLUX-2562 BUG Corrected instances where Cockpit workflows with a Rest Action were throwing a ClassCastException when the workflow was being saved or submitted
FLUX-2561 BUG Cockpit Rest Action Dialog Json definition correctly named SSL as SSL instead of SSS in EditorUi.js
FLUX-2557 BUG Fixed issue where agent dropdown was not appearing on a dialog if no agents are running - even if the workflow itself has an agent pool entry. Reverted back to a text field instead of a dropdown, and display the list of running agents underneath the text box
FLUX-2257 BUG Cleaned up misleading javascript console error message stating that the chosenTab was undefined
FLUX-2556 IMPROVEMENT Add ability in Cockpit to submit (aka import) multiple workflows (as ffc files) to the engine from the file system. These workflows are not added to the repository and are submitted directly to the Flux engine for processing
FLUX-2506 BUG Fixed issue where Cockpit was duplicating its tabs after one or more failed logins
FLUX-2507 BUG Corrected issue with accessing (removing and exporting over existing) workflows on the engine, built in earlier versions of Flux 8, that contained mail actions. This side effect was introduced when 8.0.13 allowed port assignments on mail actions to be configurable via runtime variables

Flux 8.0.13-1837 (27 April 2017)


Stopped some instances where the Cockpit Status Viewer was attempting to show audit trail entries if an action was double clicked in the Status Viewer

FLUX-2503 BUG Corrected an issue where the ready table / Cockpit Dashborad / OpsConsole Dashboard status message could not be cleared by stating flowContext.setStatus("")
FLUX-2500 BUG Cleaned up some instances where the user is not informed that they must login again - say after losing their connection to the Flux engine.
FLUX-620 BUG Corrected issue where Flowchart actions and Flowchart triggers were not returning to the calling flowchart if the main flowchart was not submitted under the main Flux admin account
FLUX-2472 BUG Added a formatted audit trail result for FlowChart action execution
FLUX-2404 BUG Stopped Cockpit from saving flowcharts to the repository automatically when an ffc file is opened from the file system
FLUX-2505 BUG Fixed issue where - if agents are running and the Cockpit system tab is selected - the user was returned to the login page
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