Upgrading Flux from Older Versions

If you're running Flux 7.9 and need to upgrade to Flux 8.0, you will first need to upgrade all your workflows to Flux 7.11 to get rid of any deprecated methods, triggers, or actions your workflows may contain. (For more information about deprecated methods check the JDiff included in your Flux installation in the 'doc' folder).

Since the database schema changed from Flux 7.9 to Flux 7.10+, there is no way to migrate the data stored in the database. Only the workflows can be migrated. 


  1. Download all of your Flux 7.9 workflows and import them into a fresh Flux 7.11 installation following the instructions provided in Exporting and Importing Flow Charts using XML.
  2. Once you have imported all workflows to the Flux 7.11 installation, you can continue with Upgrading Flux from Flux 7.11 to Flux 8.0 using the Flux Converter tool. 
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