Flux 7.11.4 Release Notes


Flux 7.11.4 is a maintenance patch release. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 7.11.x.

Why upgrade from Flux 7.11.x to 7.11.4? If you are required to use Flux Windows services on 64-bit Windows, if you use the Operations Console extensively, or if you suspect one of the bug fixes listed below may apply to your environment, then you should consider upgrading your Flux 7.11.0-7.11.3 systems to Flux 7.11.4.


  • Windows services can now be installed on 64-bit Windows.
  • Reduced system resource usage. When a Flux engine is idle, it uses fewer threads in its internal thread pool.
  • The Rest Action's base URL property now supports variable substitution.

Bug Fixes

  • In the Designer, after deleting a start action, if there are no other start actions in the workflow, the next action added will now correctly be marked as a start action.
  • The Operations Console no longer reloads or flickers continuously after restarting a engine (without also restarting the Operations Console).
  • Restarting workflows, where the restarted workflow would never be removed from the Operations Console after execution, has been corrected.

  • Variable substitution is now performed correctly when used within URL segments.
  • The Flow Chart Action now runs faster when cluster networking is disabled and Flux is configured to use an Oracle database.
  • The "jump to page" option now displays correctly in the Chrome browser.
  • Workflows no longer remain stuck in the WAITING state if there are many large workflows available for execution.
  • The engine no longer executes repeatedly at the FAILOVER_TIME_WINDOW interval.
  • The Delay Trigger no longer ignores the count property when local caching is enabled and FAILOVER_TIME_WINDOW is set to a low value.
  • FlowChartExecution objects no longer fill up the heap and cause out of memory errors.
  • File actions with multiple file criteria no longer encounter null pointer errors.
  • Date substitution is now performed correctly when you use more than two substituted variables in a single property.
  • Engine configurations are no longer moved to the workflow repository after editing them. They now correctly remain in the configurations repository.
  • The global rename "to file pattern" is no longer replaced with the "from file pattern" after saving a file action.
  • Rest Action timeouts now work correctly.
  • The synchronous Flow Chart Action and the Flow Chart Trigger now work correctly when there is no leading "/" character in the namespace.
  • The Designer no longer allows you to create a workflow without a name.
  • Variable substitution now correctly substitutes number formats rather than converting numbers to strings.
  • The Rest Action now preserves case sensitivity in query parameters.
  • The error ConcurrentModificationException no longer occurs in the logs when multiple workflows that use splits are running in parallel.
  • Pagination now correctly works in the workflow repository in the Operations Console.
  • Help links now correctly redirect to the new Flux Support Portal, support.flux.ly.
  • The scheduled trigger date for timer triggers now displays correctly in the Designer.
  • After adding a flow to an action in the Designer, the target action no longer remains selected.

Test Focus for Flux Users

The following Flux features are impacted by this maintenance release. To ensure that your application will continue running as expected, we suggest focusing your testing in the following areas (where appropriate for your application) before deploying this release:

  • Concurrent workflows containing splits.
  • Operations Console restarts.
  • If you disable cluster networking, test workflow executions to ensure continued accuracy.
  • Variable substitution within URL properties.
  • Rest Action URL endpoints.
  • Rest Action timeouts.
  • Rest Action parameters (for case sensitivity).
  • If you are using a small failover time window, test delay triggers that use the count property.
  • Test workflow execution when very large workflows are on the engine and ready to execute.
  • File actions with multiple file criteria.
  • Date substitution when multiple substitutions are done in a single property.
  • Engine configurations in the repository.
  • Synchronous Flow Chart Action and Flow Chart Trigger.
  • Variable substitution for numbers.
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