Flux 7.11.1 Release Notes

Flux 7.11.1 is a maintenance release. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 7.11.x.


  • Large Flux clusters, containing up to 35 engines, are now supported in the Operations Console.
  • Engines can now be sorted on the homepage of the Operations Console and also in the new Managed Clustered Engines dialog, accessible from the Operations Console homepage.
  • The frequency at which the Operations Console homepage is refreshed can be changed or disabled.
  • Expediting a flow chart now displays a confirmation dialog that allows users to see the total number of triggers that were expedited.
  • Users can now upload or download Engine and Agent Configurations from the repository page in the Operations Console.
  • The "Message Type" property of the JMS Action can now be edited in the Web-based Designer.
  • File substitution and Deadlines examples were updated to not use deprecated actions/triggers.
  • Included REST API documentation and REST Java Client API JAR in release.

Bug Fixes

  • When installing Flux, the Operations Console (flux.war) is now generated correctly if the system uses a JRE rather than a JDK.
  • Flow charts are now correctly sorted in the Operation Console's repository page.
  • The engine now correctly starts if both the LDAP_ENABLED and SECURITY_ENABLED engine configuration properties are set.
  • The Audit Trail Trigger now ignores old audit trail entries in a looping flow scenario.
  • The doc/ directory no longer contains an empty jsdoc/ folder.
  • Incomplete SQL upgrade scripts are no longer shipped in the distribution.
  • License key details are now aligned properly in the System page of the Operations Console.
  • The Operations Console does not attempt to login excessively to the engines.
  • Flow Chart Actions no longer return an error when executed using a secured Flux engine.
  • The encryption type of an FTPS host now saves properly when using the Desktop Designer.
  • Audit trail filter is corrected to remove the invalid deadline exceeding event.
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