Flux 7.11.2 Release Notes

Flux 7.11.2 is a maintenance patch release. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 7.11.x.


  •  The default sort ordering for Reports page columns are now switched to newest first instead of oldest first.

Bug Fixes

  • Workflows that contain numeric characters are now displayed correct in the Operations Console.
  • The JMS Action's "body" property is now saved correctly after editing in the Desktop Designer.
  • The Web-based Designer no longer introduces duplicate XML headers into workflow files when saving to disk.
  • Special characters inside an FTP, SFTP, or FTPS host's password no longer cause errors when the workflow executes.
  • The Signals To Monitor action property now correctly loads and saves in the Web-based and Desktop Designer when running with OpenJDK 6.
  • POJO types are now correctly persisted to the database when retrieved from a Rest Action through the flow context.
  • The Delete All Data button now correctly works from the system page in Operations Console.
  • The RestAction and WebServiceAction examples in the software_developers example directory were updated to use valid web services.
  • The RestAction XPath expression now correctly return array types from an XML document.
  • The Rest Action and Web Service Action example scripts in the software_developers example directory now correctly work on Windows.
  • The Web Service Action no longer requires complex data types used in the web service listener method to implement Serializable.
  • Java API: The getByState() and getFlowChartElements() APIs no longer throw a ClassCastException when running with a secured engine.
  • Java API: Renaming a workflow using the Java API now correctly updates the workflow's name in the Operations Console's flow charts grid.
  • Java API: The fluxopsconsole.Cluster Java API no longer fails to connect to secured engines that have been configured in the Operations Console
  • Java API: The getFlowChartElements(String namespace, SuperState superState, Set<SubState> subStates, String engineName, String actionName, String messageFilter) and getByState(String namespace, SuperState superState, SubState subState) methods now correctly returns results when filtered with SubState.ANY.
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