Flux 7.11.5 Release Notes


Flux 7.11.5 is a maintenance patch. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 7.11.x. If you are interested in obtaining the latest pre-release version of Flux 7.11.5, contact Flux Support.


  • Added support for deploying flux.war to JBoss 7.x. This improvement only impacts documentation and packaging (867).
  • Log messages have been added at INFO level to log the start and end of the audit trail, log, and database maintenance processes (1212).
  • Support for displaying concurrent start actions in Operations Console that correctly over flows to the next page (1120).

Issue Resolutions

  • FLUX-220: Corrected reporting issues with run history statistics shown in the Operations Console Run History Report page.
  • FLUX-246: Corrected issue when a FLUX_READY entry is removed or enters a new flow context, the previous flow context is never deleted from the FLUX_FLOW_CONTEXT database. This caused variables in the FLUX_VARIABLE table to not be deleted and remain in the database indefinitely.
  • FLUX-275: Corrected issue where username, host name and password properties were not picked up correctly when trying to set them using variable substitution in an FTP Command. 
  • FLUX-736: Corrected issue where UncHost port was not being used when specified in the configuration. Was previously always using the default port.
  • FLUX-958: Resolved NPE when running with LOCAL caching and clustered engines. Workflows that were supposed to be in the cache, but were in the cache on a different engine, attempted to be executed and, being null, threw an exception.
  • FLUX-1114: Corrected issue where business calendar was not being properly persisted. 
  • FLUX-1139: Corrected reading of JVM copyright string so that JRockit 1.6 will now properly start. When JVM copyrights transitioned from Sun to Oracle this check started failing.
  • FLUX-1141: Corrected circumstance where calling a Process Action would not properly collect stdin/stdout/stderr and would sometimes return null.
  • FLUX-1215: Corrected memory leak occurring in long-running, looping workflows. The cache listeners in the UserTransaction were not being cleared after commit/rollback, which in a looping workflow with no transaction breaks could cause a memory leak.
  • FLUX-1219: Resolved NPE when executing a File workflow that deletes files using FileDeleteAction.
  • FLUX-1231: Resolved ConcurrentModificationException when rolling back user transaction.
  • FLUX-2338: The error "You must be logged in to call this method" no longer occurs when invoking secured API operations using the Java Action within a workflow.

Test Focus for Flux Users

The following Flux features are impacted by this maintenance release. To ensure that your application will continue running as expected, we suggest focusing your testing in the following areas (where appropriate for your application) before deploying this release:

  • Running many Process Actions quickly. 
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