When using Flux with Tomcat, it is easy to get Flux up and running quickly and efficiently. Simply place the flux.war file into Tomcat's webapps directory, also known as deploying your "flux.war" file, and then browse to your Tomcat server's starting URL. This URL will most likely be http://localhost:8080/. To use the Flux Operations Console, use your Tomcat server's URL plus "flux/" appended to the end of the URL.

When viewing flow charts that contain SFTP URLs, the Flux Operations Console may not fully display the flow chart listing due to classpath issues. To prevent this problem from occurring, either place the flux.jar file inside the servlet containers JVM's lib/ext directory, or include flux.jar in the system classpath. If deploying the Operations Console inside Tomcat, adding the flux.jar file to the system classpath will not resolve this issue since Tomcat creates the system class loader itself.

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