Step by Step: File Copy with Rename

A File Copy and Rename Workflow – Single Flux Action Workflow

Open Flux Cockpit


Sign in

admin / admin (as defined when installing Flux)

Open the Designer

Click on the Designer Tab

Select a File Copy Action

Scroll down in the left sidebar, find the File Copy icon under the File group. Click and drag it onto the Designer's canvas.

Open the File Copy Action's dialog

Double click the File Copy Action icon on the Designer canvas to open its dialog box.

Open the File Source

Click the + sign under the File Sources label.

Select the File Server Source Type

Click the down arrow to the right of Source Predefined and select 'Secure FTP Host'.
The dialog will then expand with the values required for connecting to that host.

Enter host name (for testing)

Enter port

Enter the SFTP port number of the server - Usually 22 for SFTP

User Name



Contact Flux for Password

Add the file include criteria

Scroll down and click the +Include button. The Includes dialog will appear

Add the file include criteria

Under Include, enter /home/sfluxly/public/.txt*

Open the File Target (where you want to copy the files to)

Scroll down and click the + File Targets button. The Includes dialog will appear

Select the File Server Target Type

Click the down arrow to the right of Target Predefined and select Local Host.
The dialog will then expand with the values required for connecting to that host.

Specify the Target destination directory


Select the Renamer to use

Scroll down and select the Renamer Type. In this case select Regular Expression Renamer

Specify the From Pattern

Enter in the From Pattern the regular expression. In this case enter (.*).*

Specify the To Pattern

Enter in the To Pattern the regular expression. In this case enter:
${date yyyy MM dd}\1_FIN.txt

Save the Flux Action

Click CTRL-S to save this File Copy Action into the Flux workflow (in this case there is only 1 action in the workflow). You can also click Save in the top left of the dialog.

The Flux Action's dialog will close.

Save the Flux Workflow to the Flux repository.

Click CTRL-S Again to save this workflow to the Flux Repository or Workflow Menu  Save.
You will get a prompt to name the workflow, or if the workflow is already named it will save the workflow and show an alert that the workflow has been saved.

Submit the workflow for execution

Click CTRL-E to submit the workflow for execution or Select the *Workflow Menu  Submit/Execute.*

A prompt will display in 1-3 seconds indicating the workflow has been submitted.

View the execution of the workflow

Click on the Dashboard tab at the top of the browser window.

The workflow should appear in the tab's table of workflows. Click the Refresh button in the Dashboard tab (not the browser refresh button) to refresh the display of workflows.

When the workflow completes its status will show as COMPLETED.

View the audit activity or the workflow.

On the row containing the workflow – to the right – is an icon containing three dots (…). Click on this icon to jump to the audit trail for this workflow. Clicking this opens the audit trail dialog for this workflow.

Click File (under the tabs at the top of the screen) to view the file activity that the workflow performed.

Check for success

Check the C:/temp1 directory for the copied files.

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